iLVerify Mobiles Sales Team Inventory Software

Make it easy to manage your equipment inventory (in stock or assigned to customers) with iL Verify. iL Verify is an app with cloud based inventory management, time clock, and messaging features your entire team can access from iPhone, Android, tablets and desktops. Add the Service Order Module to keep track of service tickets internally and ensure great customer service for job progress and completion records.

Whether you are a single rep or a team with many locations and customers, you will easily see where you and your items stand across your organization. Manage placement and assignment of assets for tracking, and oversee consumables to minimize waste. Use the mobile time clock integrated into each service ticket to allow employees to clock in or out instantly with access to precise reporting and management. Communicate with real time messaging including an audit trail to make sure your customers get the attention they need, and everything is running smooth.

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Manage Unlimited Assets
Track Assigned Assets
Track Moved Assets
Consumable Goods Inventory
Locations and Places
Mobile Apps
Reports and Exports
Easy Inventory Counts
Manage Employee / Volunteers
Mobile Time Clock with GPS
Messaging and Notifications
Barcode Scanner

Premium Features:

Full Service Order ticketing system great for managing customers / equipment relationship. Calendar driven and fully integrated with time clock functions.
Ability to share data with 3rd party companies who also use iL Verify.